Rally America’s National B-Spec class saw an upset with Driver Keanna Erickson-Chang and Co-driver Ole Olter winning 1st place beating out the Honda Performance Development team of Jordan Guitar and William Jang who placed 2nd.  They shared the podium as the only remaining B-Spec cars after a grueling set of day two stages.
Keanna Erickson-Chang and Ole Holter, also representing the Team O’Neil Rally School, took top honors in the B-spec Class in their 2016 Ford Fiesta (pictured below). The win puts them in a dead-heat for the championship with the Honda-sponsored team of Jordan Guitar and William Jang. (more…)
B-Spec was interesting and a surprise for most, including the competitors.   The normally dominant Jordan Guitar and William Jang DNF’d the HPD 2015 Honda Fit on SS5.  This left rookie “Street Bike” Tommy Passemante and Tracy Gardiner vs. Keanna Erickson-Chang and Ole Holter to duke it out on the stages. (more…)
This means that your B-Spec winner was Jordan Guitar and William Jang, with second place going to Keanna Erickson-Chang and Ole Holter in their Fiesta 1.0L Turbo.  Keanna and Ole had been suffering with ECU issues at 100 Acre Wood and Oregon Trail, but finally after many phone calls and discussions received an updated ECU that would prevent the car from going into limp mode all the time.  Mating the updated ECU presented its own problems, but a crafty engineer used a few tricks to get it working. (more…)
In B-Spec Keanna Erickson-Chang and co-driver Ole Holter are looking to finally overcome the electrical gremlins their 1.0L Eco-Boost Turbo Ford Fiesta has been having.  The car has been going into limp mode on stage, preventing them from showing their true pace.  Talks with Ford have narrowed the problem down to what is thought to be a programming patch needed for the ECU.  If the software update works as planned, the Honda Fit B-Spec domination by Jordan Guitar and William Jang very well could come to an end (more…)
Fighting the same sensor issues they had at 100 Acre Wood.  Hopefully Keanna and the team will get it all sorted for Olympus and we’ll get to see their true pace